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Our research confirms that the number one financial fear most Americans have is the fear of outliving their money before their life is over. You can eliminate this worry forever by creating your very own IRS approved Private Pension Plan with a Tax-Free Retirement Income Plan you can never outlive — even to age 100 and beyond!

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Quality Service

At Newport Financial Services, we take your retirement goals very seriously. Therefore, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond for every client we work with - no matter your budget or retirement needs.

Experienced Consultant

With more than 30 years in the insurance and financial services industries, all of our clients gain the benefit of our long and reliable track record. You can rest assured that there is no retirement goal that we haven't seen and handled before.

In-Depth Knowledge

It's no secret that financial planning comes with many questions and stumbling blocks. That's why we always make a point to carefully explain—with full transparency—exactly how our retirement and financial planning methods work so that you're more knowledgeable and financially empowered.


“Life Insurance is the biggest benefit in the IRS tax code because the money comes out tax-free and there is no limit to this tax break. Life Insurance is the best way to leverage money and too, the single best way to leverage the tax code to build real wealth that is free and clear of taxes. Tax-Free money, wow”
--Ed Slott, CPA
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