Future Retirees

Good Afternoon Future Retiree,

Should you ‘Google’ Albert Einstein’s “The 8th wonder of the world”, you would learn that it is the ‘miracle of time and compound interest’. Now add to that “The 9th wonder of the world” which is—”The miracle of time and compound interest INSIDE A SHELTER FROM TAX’.  And finally add to the 8th and 9th “wonders of the world” the all-consuming 10th “wonder of the world” that of NO stock market or mutual fund risk or losses, ever, and you have created an IRS approved “near perfect” savings TAX-FREE RETIREMENT INCOME PLAN—YOU CAN NEVER OUTLIVE. Incontrovertibly to be safer, more cost-effective, and more TAX-ADVANTAGED than ANY 401(K), IRA or even a Roth IRA… Would you like to have a conversation to see some real life ‘math and science’ numbers that would prove this for your consideration (and your CPA’s too)? Thank you in advance… Bill 702-379-2593 chester19577cox.net

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