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Pursuit of the Perfect Asset:

Should you be a saver or an investor? You no doubt are continually in search of a Perfect Asset that would offer these meaningful characteristics for your peace of mind financial security

  • Totally liquid (available to you at all times)
  • No risk
  • No expenses.
  • Unlimited rates of return.
  • Tax-deductible contributions.
  • Tax-Free growth.
  • Tax-Free distributions.
  • Tax-Free transfer.
Guess What? That Perfect Asset does not exist!

But wouldn't it make sense that there are assets that do have:

  • More liquidity
  • More safety
  • Less expense
  • More return potential
  • And more tax-efficiency, than other assets

And wouldn't it also make sense that the very one asset with the most combined,

  • Liquidity
  • Safety
  • Expense efficiency
  • Return potential
  • Tax-efficiency

should be part of your portfolio and possibly be the foundation of your portfolio. With this in mind I would like to introduce you to an asset that:

  • Offers 100% liquidity of your account value.
  • Contractually guarantees against any market risk or losses
  • Is contractually guaranteed by companies that are among the safest industry in the world.
  • Can have the lowest expense ratio of any asset, anywhere.
  • Has historical returns above the stock market.
  • Offers Tax-Free, growth, Tax-Free distributions-(retirement income), Tax-Free transfers.

To start your educational process to a safer, more cost effective, and more tax-advantaged, Tax-Free Retirement Income (IRS approved), "IUL Tax Free Retirement." (only 12 minutes). Thank you!

Thank you… Bill Newport, LUTCF

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“Life Insurance is the biggest benefit in the IRS tax code because the money comes out tax-free and there is no limit to this tax break. Life Insurance is the best way to leverage money and too, the single best way to leverage the tax code to build real wealth that is free and clear of taxes. Tax-Free money, wow”
--Ed Slott, CPA
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