Putting It All Together

The following will summarize how a properly funded (IUL) successfully creates an IRS approved Tax-Free savings retirement income plan (“Private Pension Plan”)…

  • Potential for Accumulation: Your assets will be linked to a market index. Each year when that index increases in value, your policy will be credited in value and the principal will be ‘locked in and reset:
  • Principal Protection: If the value of the index falls in any one year, funds linked to that Index ARE PROTECTED by a floor of ‘zero percent interest Which means you NEVER have a negative credit to your account—no downside risk, ever, due to market volatility.
  • Tax Advantages: The principal and cash value accumulation within the policy is the collateral for future “TAX-FREE” loans from the insurance company. The life insurance repays the ‘loans’ upon your demise, and all remaining funds are TAX-FREE to your heirs.
  • Self-Completing: This is first and always a Life Insurance policy. So heirs receive the ‘death benefit’ upon the demise of the insured, whenever that may occur, ‘less any outstanding loans and interest:
  • flexibility of benefits: There are NO tax penalties for early distributions (even before 59 1/2.) of cash values through policy loans. Also with a ‘living benefits rider’ a portion of the ‘death benefit’ may be accessed upon qualifying health events. ( Consult your agent and policy for details )…
  • Since the IRS has approved this ‘safe-money’ alternative TAX-FREE RETIREMENT INCOME plan with the ‘living benefits’ outlined above and a tax-free income you can NEVER OUTLIVE, shouldn’t you take advantage of this for your future financial-security and for that of your family as well…
  • I will welcome your thoughts and a conversation to answer all of your questions and concerns to your complete understanding and satisfaction— Thank you… Bill

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