Retirement Question

When you retire, will your income be taxable and at market risk?

THERE IS AN IRS APPROVED TAX-FREE ALTERNATIVE,  It is called “My Private Pension Plan”. Please watch the videoThe401KAltemative(only 14 minutes).

The Story:

Before Columbus set sail in 1492 most people believed the world was flat and they would say, “if you go beyond that point, there are dragons out there”, meaning your demise of course. But his commitment found the “New World”.

Mt. Everest; the descent, we know, is many more times more deadly than the assent, in 1996 alone 23 people meet with their demise, before that one in four perished….

401(K)ts, According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute with 1,160,000 participants and

45,000 401(k)’s, the average 401(k) runs out of money in only 7-8 years, and even with a full company match of 6% that is only extended to 8-10 years, meaning no more income and your own financial demise. Should you wish to avoid the ‘taxation dragons’ that await you beyond this point, and the descent of eroding stock market losses within your ‘qualified’ retirement plans,


Be your own Queen Isabella, and finance your very own safe journey to the “New World” of a Tax-Free retirement income that you can never outlive, and set sail in your IUL miracle ship where “Growth, Protection, and Income” will create for you your very own “Family Financial Miracle”. Life Boats on Board:

  • Earn a good rate of return; with Guarantees;
  • No income taxes on the gains or income, ever;
  • Access to your money anytime you want it with no 10% penalties.
  • Your funds are completely safe, with a contractual guarantee of no stock market risk or losses, ever;
  • No government interventions; No limit on contributions. No required minimum distributions at any age. Access to your funds for any reason with no credit checks.
  • And upon your demise, all of the remaining funds flow to your heirs 100% income Tax-Free, and there is much more to share with you…

Set sail on the HMS Minnesota (Sailing since 1880) Before sailing instructions:

“All Aboard”

Let’s take this journey together and you will have a peace of mind financial experience that will last a lifetime. Thank you…


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