The LASER FUND — excerpt from the book—June 2018

Insights on an IRS approved TAX-FREE retirement income from a CPA’s perspective._

As a CPA, Sydney Weston is meticulous about her finances. When she heard about The LASER Fund through a professional networking group, she, like many people learning about these strategies for the first time, was impressed…but hesitant. She wondered if it could really provide benefits that IRAs and 401(K)s could not.

She examined details like IRS codes 7702 and 72(e), She explored the safety of entrusting her money to 100-year-plus insurance institutions and a 0% floor during market downturns. She weighed the living benefits, such as tax-free retirement income.

Her thorough analysis did not stop there. She enlisted the keen eyes of colleagues, including a chartered financial planner and tax attorney. These professionals confirmed that the IRS codes were employed to create exactly the tax-free retirement income that had been suggested; that the IRS codes 7702 and 72(e) would in fact give her tax-free benefits for life, and that the structured format of the LASER Fund could provide the safe, cost effective, and tax-advantaged solution she was looking for.

She opened a LASER Fund, and now enjoys the confidence of tax-free income—even to age 100 and beyond—and an income-tax-free death benefit for her heirs when she passes on…

Bill Newport, LUTCF Excerpt from the forth-coming book “The LASER Fund” out in June 2018.

Should you prefer a Tax-Free Income for life with up-side potential and no down-side risk, ever, please call to start an educational process for your complete understanding. Thank you…
Bill Newport, LUTCF 702-379-2593

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